Write for Us

Currently, Hawai‘i Teacher Voice is accepting 200-1,500 word pieces about education in the state of Hawai‘i. We are seeking pieces that are:

  • Thoughtful, nuanced, and (if need be) well-researched. We encourage you to consider multiple viewpoints as you write. If your piece needs citations or has statistics (not all pieces need to, and that's fine!), please ensure they are from reputable, scholarly sources.


  • Solutions-oriented. We welcome pieces that are critical, and we also encourage you provide solutions to the problems you may identify in the current education system.


  • Focused on education and schooling in Hawai‘i and/or nationwide. We certainly know that other issues tangential/intertwined with education (i.e. parenting) are important, but we focus mainly on education.

If you're unsure whether to submit? Just do it. We'd love to work with you to get your voice out there!


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